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Dec 2, 2012 8:00am PST
running nbc and became one of the highest profile executives in nbc. can jeff revamp a cable network? the hottest political story this week susan rice campaigning to save her job as secretary of state even though she hasn't been nominated. >> the woman who could be the next secretary of state walked straight into the lion's den. what happened to susan rice behind closed doors. >> why are some trying to turn this into a racial battle? the report is in on the british phone scandal and the report is in. >> reckless, outrageous, inaccurate and unfair. tonight the report from a british judge that says the press needs legal regulation. >> how much has the inve investigation tarnished murdock? >> chris brown got into a twitter car over the weekend. >> some really degrading comments from chris brown who really needs to learn how to avoid these kinds of things. >> why does a man who beat up his girlfriend have 11 million followers? >>> sometimes rummors turn out o be true. jeff zucker was the logical choice so it was hardly a shock when he got the job. he talked about the cable news wars and
Dec 16, 2012 8:00am PST
, the children and the grownups who died. we're joined now from new york by jeff jarvis runs the journalism program and have to go to soledad o'brien with breaking news out of connecticut. >> thanks, i appreciate that. let's listen in as they're getting ready to start this press conference. i'm about ten yards away and looks like lieutenant vance is about to speak. here he goes. >> crime detectives are still at the scenes of the school and at the secondary scene. we're still actively working those areas. there's nothing new to report relative to the investigation. suffice to say that it is moving forward. as i said yesterday and i will not and cannot detail pieces of the investigation, but i can tell you that we have recovered evidence, contrary to some of the news reports that have been out there. we have recovered some evidence. it is being analyzed and it is being processed. the weaponry involved, we are tracing them historically all the way back to when they were on the work bench being assembled and being examined and looked at with our federal partners. in addition, the post-mortem ex
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2